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    Microtia and Microtia Surgery

    January 26, 2023

    Microtia a Birth Defect-

    Microtia and Microtia surgery Microtia and Microtia Surgery is done for a birth defect that affects the external ear of the newborn child. Micro means small and otia means ear

    A newly born child with microtia either has a smaller size ear or has just remnants of the ear. . It can affect one side or both sides of the ear. This birth defect can run in families. If a child has microtia on both sides they may have deformities of other facial bones also. Both male and female children may have this birth defect.

    The ear canal is also absent in these children.

    It happens because there is a developmental anomaly of branchial arches that are responsible for face development.

    Microtia does not affect internal Ear-

    As microtia does not affect the internal ear so these children have no hearing problem. The absence or smaller size of the external ear has no impact on hearing. Microtia is purely a cosmetic problem in human beings. these children also face difficulty in wearing glasses.

    Whom should you consult for microtia?

    You should always consult with a plastic surgeon for the treatment of microtia immediately after the birth. An experienced plastic surgeon will examine the child not only for microtia but for other facial deformities also.

    What is the right age of Microtia Treatment-

    Microtia is usually treated after the age of 8 years. Development of the external ear is almost complete by this age. After the age of 8 years, there is limited growth of the size of the ear. At this age, a child should be healthy and completely immunized.

    How does a Plastic Surgeon treat microtia?

    Treatment of microtia and microtia surgery is done in multiple stages. It is done in two or three stages or sometimes more. It depends upon the severity of the ear deformity.

    In the treatment of microtia plastic surgeon, in the first stage, takes the cartilage from the ribcage of the same child. These cartilages are softer than bone. he then carves the cartilage and gives it the shape of the ear. This cartilage is then buried below the skin.

    Buried cartilage will receive blood supply from the overlying skin and deeper tissue. Once the cartilage achieves adequate blood supply, usually within 3-6 weeks, another surgery is performed. During 2nd stage of surgery buried cartilage is elevated and separated from the side of the head.

    In the third stage, ear lobe is created with the help of surrounding or adjacent skin.

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