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    Nasal Hump Rhinoplasty Treatment

    March 22, 2017

    Nasal hump generally affects your aesthetic appearance and can distract the attention of the person talking to you. Nasal hump is also called as pseudo hump that is formed when the bone and cartilage meet on the dorsum. Nasal hump can be removed or corrected with a surgical treatment called nose job or rhinoplasty.

    A dorsal hump generally results due to the presence of an excess of bone, cartilage or both in the nasal bridge. Based on your desired appearance, the dorsal nasal hump can be treated accordingly.

    Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical treatment generally used to correct or modify your nose structure and appearance. A dorsal nasal hump can affect your facial features because of the central prominence of the nose.


    Rhinoplasty can aid in making different changes to your nose including the removal and correction of your nasal hump. The different changes that can be made to your nose during rhinoplasty include:

    1. It can change the width of your nasal bridge
    2. It can change the height of your nose bridge
    3. Aids in changing the length of your nose
    4. Reduce the tip size
    5. Increasing the nose tip size

    Rhinoplasty can help in making the following changes based on the structure of your nose. While treating the nasal hump through rhinoplasty, your surgeon will make sure that the function of your nose is not adversely affected by the surgery

    Hump Removal Using Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Techniques

    There are two common types of rhinoplasty that are categorized based on the incisions that are made during the surgery. The nasal tip can be surgically reshaped by using both open and closed rhinoplasty surgery.

    1. Open rhinoplasty

    Open rhinoplasty generally involves the incisions in the soft tissue between your nostrils. Open rhinoplasty helps in visualizing the cartilages directly unlike the closed rhinoplasty.

    In cases, where a larger reduction of the hump is required, open rhinoplasty is preferred.The remodeling of the tip can be done easily using open rhinoplasty. More aesthetically balanced results will be seen using this cosmetic surgery procedure.

    1. Closed rhinoplasty

    Closed rhinoplasty also helps in reshaping the nasal tip and removal or correction of the nasal hump. During closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside your nostril. Closed rhinoplasty requires decreased operative time and early postoperative healing.

    Scars will not be visible in closed rhinoplasty when compared to open rhinoplasty. When the nasal hump is small, it can be treated using closed rhinoplasty. All the incisions are made inside your nostrils. Closed rhinoplasty for hump removal does not require the redraping of the skin or the open the nose to correct the nasal hump.

    Closed rhinoplasty is generally preferred in cases when the hump is formed due to the presence of an excess of cartilage in the dorsum. The hump can be trimmed easily with the help of this rhinoplasty procedure.

    Before the rhinoplasty surgery, you need to discuss the appropriate method suitable for your nose and how it will compliment your facial features. Nose job and nose reshaping are common to achieve a perfect nose shape.

    If you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi, you can consult the South Delhi Cosmetic clinic. Dr. Surender Chawla is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Delhi. The nose job in Delhi can be done at competitive rates and the rhinoplasty cost in Delhi is affordable when compared to other cities.

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