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    Nose Deformities that can be cured with Rhinoplasty

    January 20, 2017

    Nose deformities are generally treated with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is commonly called as nose job technique that is used to reshape your nose and giving it a perfect contour. Rhinoplasty generally takes 1-2 hours for it to complete and does not require long hospital stay. Rhinoplasty is mainly performed through small incisions that are made inside the nostrils.

    Type of Nose Deformities that requires Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty procedure differs from person to person based on their deformity. The common types of nose deformities include:

    • Crooked Nose

    Crooked nose generally results due to a childhood injury or previous nasal surgery. Crooked nose appearance can be hereditary or a congenital defect. Most of the kids are born with an asymmetric face and with the help of rhinoplasty; you can treat such asymmetries with rhinoplasty.

    A crooked nose is mainly due to septal deviation. The nose can be reshaped and brought to the midline by performing straightening and strengthening maneuvers on the septum. Spreader grafts and septal struts are few of the techniques that are used in rhinoplasty.

    Microfracture technique is also used in most of the cases. The nasal bone are generally made malleable and then set into better alignment. After setting the bone in proper position, a splint is placed on your nose for a week to make sure it stays in its new position. Rhinoplasty is one of the best methods to treat crooked nose.

    • Saddle Nose

    Saddle nose is a condition when the nose bridge has fallen and appears scooped out. Saddle nose generally occurs due to the injury of the septum. Mostly athletes and boxers have saddle nose. Saddle nose is also seen in people who frequently use cocaine in excess.

    Cocaine can destroy the inside structure of your nose and eat away all the supporting structures of your nose. In case of saddle nose, rebuilding of nose from inside out is required.  In few cases a cartilage graft is also required from the ear, rib or donor rib.

    • Hump Reduction

    Hump nose reduction is a complex procedure and many different factors need to be considered before the surgery. The breathing functions, thickness of the skin and the height of nasal root need to be determined. During hump reduction surgery, it is important to delicately maintain the inner lining of your nose and make sure the nasal bone is smoothed down to a height that is aesthetically pleasing.

    • Bulbous Tip

    Bulbous tip is a type of appearance that lacks proper definition. The aesthetic goal to treat bulbous nose tip is to narrow the tip by bringing it into balance with the nose bridge. In case of treating a bulbous nose tip the surrounding facial features needs to be considered.

    During rhinoplasty surgery, certain measures are taken to prevent recurvature.

    • Long Nose

    Long nose is commonly referred as tension nose that is generally associated with hanging dip. The long nose appearance results in a short distance between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip.  In such cases, cartilage is present in excess in the septum that needs to be removed from the septum to make your nose closer to the face. Rhinoplasty helps in treating long nose by removing the cartilage from the septum.

    Nose surgery in Delhi is mainly done to improve your facial appearance. Rhinoplasty surgery or nose reshaping surgery is common in Delhi and can be done at South Delhi cosmetic clinic. For nose reshaping in Delhi, you can consult Dr. Surender chawla the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Delhi who is experienced in treating the nose deformities through rhinoplasty. You can get a perfect nose shape in Delhi at South Delhi cosmetic clinic. Cost of rhinoplasty in Delhi is reasonable and can be performed at competitive rates.

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