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    Can You Change Your Nose Shape Without Surgery?

    June 16, 2018

    Changing Nose Shape Without Surgery

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    Most commonly as a cosmetic and plastic surgeon we receive a common question from many people who ask about the different methods of changing nose shape without surgery. What should we do to reduce big nose? What should i do to elevate my nose?

    Nose shape is produced by various soft, firm or hard structure. Different structures which are responsible for nose shape are skin, cartilage and bone. The shape of these structures are different peoples that’ s why nose shape is different in different people.

    What are the different shapes of Nose which people ask to correct?

    Depressed Nose

    Long Nose

    Wide Nose

    Thin Nose

    Change in “Nose Shape Without Surgery” Is Not Possible after the age of 4-5 years because any manipulation or yoga or face exercise or any device can not move the nasal bone or cartilage.

    In new born child only cartilage shape can be modified without surgery because at that age these structures are very soft. At the full grown age these structures become mature and difficult enough to modify without surgery.

    Nose bone is fixed and fuse with other facial bones. Cartilage of nose is also attached with these bones. These bones can not move in and out without surgery so it is difficult to make nose thin or broad.

    Nose reshaping is commonly done by plastic surgery of nose. This is possible either by removing, adding or modifying the various structures which provide nose a definite shape.

    To lift the depressed nose cartilage is added either from ear or chest. some surgeon also use artificial graft like silicone graft.

    There are certain changes in nose shape without surgery are possible and it is done by dermal fillers. These fillers are injected in the nose. But these changes in nose shape are temporary and can persist for long time.

    Cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi offers some minimally invasive non surgical nose reshaping treatment by fillers.

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