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    Plastic Surgery to Correct Face and Fat Issues

    May 26, 2017

    The facelift procedure is used to remove the excess fat accumulated in the jowls, chin, and cheeks. A facelift is clinically known as Rhytidectomy it reduces signs of aging, facial wrinkles and this can change your overall appearance of jaw and face. Face liposuction surgery is one of the majorly preferred surgeries and opted by many people. The face surgery cost is affordable; it has a rapid recovery and gives you natural and good appearance.  Let’s look at different types of facial cosmetic surgery procedures which are used to correct face and fat issues.

    Facial Liposuction Procedure

    Facial liposuction and body liposuction are little similar, the main difference between these two is the amount of fat they remove. Surgeons will help you in choosing the best treatment, which is suitable for your face. The facial areas are treated with the help of liposuction. Your surgeon will divide your face into 2-4 cm incision, which is done beneath your chin or between your gums and underneath your inner lower lip. Now, the surgeon will insert the cannula, it is a thin tube which can move back and forth to break up the fat. The entire fat is vacuumed out. There are also other liposuction techniques which will emulsify the fat before removing it. Few of them include:

    • Power-assisted liposuction
    • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction
    • Water-assisted liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction

    After the procedure, the surgeon will close the incisions. After facial liposuction, the patient can return to his or her work in few days.

    Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

    1. Rhinoplasty

      Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical nose procedure, where the nose is reshaped in order to improve the visual appearance. Rhinoplasty will also improve the nose functions, correct the birth defects, treat sinus and you can get rid of breathing problems.

    2. Facelift

      The facelift procedure is used to lift the fallen face and make your face tissues tight. There are many variations in facelift treatment which includes deep plane facelift, mini lift, SMAS facelift, etc. Best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, choose the customised facelift to meet the needs of the patients.

    3. Neck lift

      People with a turkey neck, sagging skin, and excess fat can prefer neck lift.

    4. Ear surgery

      Ear surgery or otoplasty procedure is used to correct the protruding and long ears. It is also referred as ear pinning.

    5. Eyelid surgery

      Eyelid surgery is also called as blepharoplasty, the eyelid surgery is mainly performed when the eye is surrounded by a fatty tissue or if the eye is drooping.

    6. Submental liposuction

      Submental liposuction is also called as chin and neck liposuction is mainly performed when you have excess fat on the lower part of your face.

    7. Chin augmentation

      Chin augmentation is done by a surgery called genioplasty, by this procedure you can increase the prominence of the chin and with this, and you can balance the features of the patients face.

    8. Cheek augmentation

              This can restore the plump, give you young look to your cheeks. Cheek augmentation or cheek enhancement can create a                 smoother changeover from the under-eye area to your cheeks; this can also reduce your eye bags and dark circles.

    If you are looking for facelift surgery or liposuction surgery in Delhi then our cosmetic clinic will provide you the excellent cosmetic procedures in Delhi because they have the best liposuction and facelift surgeons with affordable liposuction cost in Delhi.

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