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    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery Treatment In Delhi India

    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery aiming for reconstruction of various defects and deformities of human body is known as Plastic and reconstructive surgery. It can performed at every age in both man and woman.

    Some of the defects and deformities are present in children since birth. Most common of these birth problems are:

    Defects and deformities may develop after road accident, injury, surgery or after burn. Most common defects which need reconstruction are

    • Skin Loss
    • Loss of body tissue after Injury or surgery
    • Burn scar and contractutres

    Most common deformities which are treated by plastic reconstructive surgery procedures are-

    • Burn Contractures
    • Bad scars and contractures after wound healing
    • Deformities after surgery

    What Are The Plastic Reconstructive Procedures-

    Reconstructive surgery for any tissue or organ is done by using similar kind of tissue from different place of body. Skin, muscle, nerve, veins and bone are commonly used to reconstruct the various defects.

    Most commonly skin graft and skin flaps are used for recontruction. Plastic surgeon usually harvest skin graft from thigh. Similarly bone is taken from the limbs.

    Who is the Best Reconstructive plastic Surgeon ?

    Reconstructive procedures need lot of experience and training as these are highly complicated procedures. Inadequate planning and faulty execution of treatment procedure may distort the results. Experienced plastic surgeon who is trained for treatment of these defects and deformities can give good results. Patient must check the qualification and results of previous surgeries.

    Reconstructive Surgery For Burn-

    Most of the deep thermal and chemical burns heal with bad scars. Deep burn wounds are difficult to heal. Burn scars can develop into hypertrophied scar, keloid, and contractures.

    There are different types of reconstructive  burn surgeries depending upon type of  problems.  These procedures are skin grafting for burns, skin flaps for burn. Early burn surgery not only improves the aesthetic appearance  but function also.

    Facial Reconstruction surgery-

    Face reconstructive surgery after trauma is very common. In such cases complex facial reconstruction are done by plastic surgeon

    In children facial surgey is common for cleft lip, cleft palate and absent ear. 

    In young adults

    • Reconstruction of nose is done after injury
    • Jaw reconstruction after cancer surgery
    • Eyelid ear and face reconstruction after burn.
    What is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery cost in Delhi?

    Reconstructive surgery cost is different for every surgical procedure. It is low in small reconstruction procedure but high in bigger reconstructive treatment.

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