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    Body contouring and shaping

    Body Contouring and Shaping Surgery In Delhi

    Body contouring and shaping

    Body contouring and shaping is dream of every man and woman. Everybody wants to look toned and in good shape. Lots of money is being spent to reshape body by individuals. Body contouring and shaping by plastic surgery is one of the most commonly sought option these days.

    Various surgical and non -surgical techniques are used for body shaping these days. All of these techniques are not suitable for everybody.

    Liposuction and various others surgeries are preferred by plastic surgeon to address the body contouring and shaping problems.

    What are the surgeries offered by plastic surgery clinic for body shaping?

    Liposuction for different body areas:

    This is also called as Liposculpture. In this procedure surgeon not only remove the extra body fat but also reshape the body area to address different problems like  double chin, Bulky arm, love handles, calf and outer thigh reshaping.

    Chest shaping specially in man

    It is becoming a commonly sought surgery by man. Younger man with gynaecomastia  or fatty chest or those who want to show their prominant pectoralis chest muscles are willing for chest shaping.

    Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty and Belt lipectomy

    Abdominoplasty and belt lipetcomy are the different surgeries which address the tummy shape with or without liposuction. Abdominoplasty is usually done in women after Those who have lost massive weight or after child birth.

    Belt lipectomy is a bigger procedure to reshape tummy and back after  bariatric surgery and massive weight loss.

    Brachioplasty for loose hanging arm

    Brachioplasty is the surgery to correct the loose, bulky and hanging upper arm. Sometime it may be combined with liposuction.

    Thighplasty for thighs

    Thigh contouring needs fat removal from outer and inner thigh as this fat is resistant to go by nonsurgical treatments and exercise. This procedure helps you to get nicely shaped thighs.

    Fat grafting

    Fat grafting has become a popular treatment for body “contouring and shaping”. Your cosmetic surgeon takes out fat from an area with excess fat and after processing this fat transfer it to the deficient area for shape correction. Brazilian butt lift by fat transfer gives nice shape to buttocks. Breast shaping by fat transfer is also an alternative of breast implant

    Body implants

    Various silicone implants are being used for body contouring and shaping in both man and woman. Breast implants in Delhi is very commonly demanded procedure.

    Before choosing any of body contouring and shaping procedure you should consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss your expectation and requirement. Results are variable indifferent person. He will guide you about the procedure and its complications and expected results after surgery.



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