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    Genitalia surgery

    Genitalia Surgery In Delhi, India 

    Genitalia surgery for improvement of genitalia both in man and woman has become popular these days. Everybody is concerned for their genitalia. Different plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures have been developed to improve the appearance and function.

    Most commonly demanded surgery by woman is hymenoplasty and vaginoplasty.

    Men are mainly demanding penile lengthening treatment.

    Hymenoplasty–  Hymen is considered as sigh of virginity. It is a thin layer of membrane which is present at vaginal opening. Repair of torn hymen by plastic surgery treatment is called as hymenoplasty.

    Vaginoplasty–  those women who have given child birth usually have lax vaginal muscles. They are demanding correction of muscle laxity. Plastic surgeon tightens these muscles and this is called as vaginoplasty. Inner layer of vagina is improved by Laser. 

    Labia plasty— labia is skin fold on the outer aspect of vagina. Inner fold are thin and they are called as labia minora. Outer fold is thicker and larger and they are known as labia majora. Most of the time labia minora need correction because it enlarges in married women. Larger labia is a cause of discomfort in many women . Correction of size and shape of labia is called as labiaplasty. 

    Men are also concerned with shape and size of genitalia. In some cases they have normal size genitalia but they want to enhance the length. Penile lengthening is most commonly demanded procedure. In those who have gained weight, lost significant weight and are diabetic fat deposition over pubic area and loose skin hide the penis. In such cases penis appear smaller.

    Different plastic surgery treatments are performed to enhance the length of penis. Fat grafting is also done to increase the girth .

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