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    Reconstructive Surgery after Traumatic Injury

    March 30, 2017

    A traumatic injury or a disease condition can sometimes affect a particular part of your body and cause severe damage. To repair such body parts, a reconstructive surgery is required. A reconstructive surgery can help in restoring the form and function of your body. The aesthetic appearance of your body can be restored with the reconstructive surgery.

    General Types of Reconstructive Surgeries

    The type of reconstructive surgeries differs based on the part of your body that needs improvement. The common reconstructive surgeries include the following:

    1. Breast reconstruction or Breast reduction

    Breast reconstruction surgery or breast reduction surgeries are generally used for women who have abnormally large breasts that can cause back problems or other health issues. This surgery can also be done to for women who have recently undergone a mastectomy. Mastectomy is a type of surgery that involves the removal of the whole breast. Mastectomy can be of two types: simple or total.

    1. Surgeries for feet and hand

    This kind of surgery is generally done for people suffering from cancer or those who have webbed or extra toes or fingers.  Surgeries like this help in reconstructing and restoring the functions of your hands and feet.

    1. Wound care

    When you have extremely large wounds that result due to severe burns or cut, skin grafts or reconstructive surgical techniques will be used for the treatment.

    1. Microsurgery or Flap procedures

    The parts of your body are replaced in case of traumatic injury with the help of flap procedures or microsurgery. This is generally seen in the case of development of cancer.

    1. Facial surgeries

    Facial surgeries are performed to correct certain facial defects such as cleft lip. Other health issues like breathing problems such as snoring or any chronic infection can be treated with facial surgery.  The common facial surgery used is rhinoplasty surgery.

    Specific Types of Reconstructive Surgery

    The specific types of reconstructive surgery include the following:

    1. Skin, tendon and bone grafts

    During this type of reconstructive surgery, your surgeon will transplant healthy skin, tendon or bone to a different place in your body. The tissue that is transplanted through reconstructive surgery does not have its own blood supply and for that reason, new blood vessels must be available or grown.

    1. Local flap surgery

    During the local flap surgery, the nearby body tissues that can cover the affected area are used. After the cancer surgery, local flap surgery is commonly used. During this surgical procedure, the transplanted tissue will have its own blood supply as it is not completely disconnected from your body. The tissues are moved to the other part while still being attached to the nearby area.

    1. Artificial implants

    Artificial implants are used in rare cases to replace a damaged part of your body. Artificial implants can be used for different parts such as breast, testicular and penile implants.

    1. Scar revisions

    A scar revision surgery mainly helps in minimizing the appearance of scars that are formed due to a previous surgery.

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