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    The Perfect Nose Shape with Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi

    May 12, 2017

    Patients who wish to correct a facial deformity or enhance their facial features; they should consult a best rhinoplasty surgeon in Delhi to get information on various types of procedures available for them to look beautiful and natural, rhinoplasty recovery does not take a long but you should follow post rhinoplasty recovery tips for better healing. Let’s know the benefits and different nose correction in rhinoplasty surgery.

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    Benefits of Perfect Nose Shape

    • With a perfect nose shape your self confidence improves. Very beneficial for people who are self-conscious about their appearance and shape of their nose
    • You can get rid of breathing difficulties
    • Fix broken nose
    • Treat sinus problems
    • Correct birth defects
    • Cures snoring
    • Restore facial symmetry

    Different Nose Correction with Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Noses comes in different sizes and shapes, each patient walk in with different problem and they come up with many questions whether a cosmetic surgeon is able to reshape the nose or not? Below listed are few nose types and best solutions to nose reshaping with rhinoplasty surgery.

    1. Irregular Nasal Tip
      For some people, nasal tip sits sides, at the end of the nose and this looks different from normal nose. It may vary, one side the nose may be smaller and other side may be bigger twisted or lower. Because of irregular shape, the cosmetic surgeon can correct the cartilage and make them symmetrical.
    2. Crooked Nose
      A crooked nose mainly occurs as a result of nasal septum not lying down the midline of the face, this looks like it is not in a correct position and lying down. Most of the crooked noses are hereditary and some can also occur due to injury. The surgeon can correct the nasal septum and nasal bones and give you a perfect nose shape.
    1. Nasal tip Projection
      The two possible ways to cure this problem first they raise your nose, so that the tip is no longer looks irregular. Second one is reducing the nasal tip projection. Go according to your cosmetic surgeon, he has clear idea which works for you.
    1. Depressed Nose
      It is also called as ‘Ski nose’, it has a depression along the nasal bridge. This can be corrected by implant and fill the areas or septal cartilage. These results are flatter, uniform and smoother nose.
    2. Wide Nose
      If the nose is very thick, cosmetic surgeon will change the shape of your nose and makes it little thinner. If the wide nose is because of bone structure, then the surgeon will reduce the width of your nose.
    1. Small Nose
      Only few people have small nose, it can be caused by an accident where the nose bridge is crushed or with low nasal profile, you can increase the size of your nose by raising the bridge of the nose. He can use cartilage of your ear or a rib to shape your nose or with surgical implantation he can use silicon rubber (or any other bone like materials).
    2. Long Nose
      Cosmetic surgeons can reduce the nose and can shorten them by reducing the length of the cartilage (underlying), remove the skin within nostrils and shorten the nasal septum.

    Dr. Surendra Chawla is one of the best surgeons for rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi and if you want a perfect nose shape in Delhi he is one you should consult, he listens to the goals of the patients and carefully examines their face and provides them detailed information regarding risks, benefits about the surgery. People opting for cosmetic surgery procedures in Delhi are very common as everyone is conscious about their looks and wants it to be better to enhance their appearance.

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