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    Tips for Face Lift Surgery

    January 23, 2017

    Face lift surgery also called as rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that helps in improving the visible signs of aging in your face and neck. The common signs treated during face lift surgery are sagging appearance in the middle of your face and deep creases below your eyelids.

    A face lift surgery is one of the extensive ways to remove or reduce the wrinkles from your face that appears due to aging. During the traditional face lift surgery, your skin is lifted off the face to tighten and reposition the skin and tissues present on the deeper side.

    Simple Tips for Face Lift Surgery

    Before consulting a cosmetic surgeon, you need to keep the following points in mind:

    1. Keep yourself motivated and you don’t need to feel bad about the way you appear. Your primary motivation to go for face lift surgery should be to improve your self-image and refresh your face and not because you don’t feel good about your face. Face lift surgery cannot completely change your life, but it can only enhance your beauty by giving an aesthetic appearance.
    2. Generally people going for facelift surgery have high expectations as they think a surgery can transform them into a completely new person. Your cosmetic surgeon can only reshape and give a perfect contour to your face. Face lift surgery mainly depend on your own bone structure, cartilage and skin that plays an important role in giving the perfect end result.
    3. Face lift surgery or any cosmetic surgery is not meant for you to come out of emotional trauma that you have faced earlier in life. Cosmetic surgeries make depression and anxiety more worse and thus, it is recommended that you should not undergo any surgery in state of depression. Depression mainly affects your healing process and it will take more than normal for you to recover after surgery.
    4. Like any other cosmetic surgery, there are certain risks associated with face lift surgery. You need to discuss with your cosmetic surgeon regarding the routine risks associated with blood loss, infection and anesthesia during face lift surgery.
    5. You need to be patient regarding the results post surgery. Appearance of visible results may take a little longer depending on the surgical procedure and your overall health condition.
    6. To fine tune your aesthetic appearance, you may need to go for second surgical round. Around 15-20% of cosmetic surgeries have to be redone especially in case of rhinoplasty or nose job technique. Fine tuning is generally required in rhinoplasty when a little asymmetry is observed after the first surgery.
    7. The main criteria during any surgery is to have a clear idea what end result you are expecting. You need to discuss with your cosmetic surgeon regarding your expectation post surgery that will help your surgeon to work accordingly. Trusting and being open with the cosmetic surgeon helps you in understanding the complete process and your surgeon may help you in preparing for the surgery.

    Face lift treatment or rhytidectomy is a common cosmetic surgery in Delhi. You need to consult a face lift surgeon to understand the procedure and risk associated with face lift surgery. Face lift procedure generally vary from person to person based on the facial features and the surgical technique used for specific parts. Dr. Surender chawla is the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi who is famous for giving positive results for the surgeries.  Facelift surgery cost is reasonable like the other cosmetic surgery prices in Delhi at South Delhi cosmetic clinic.

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