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    Top Cosmetic Procedures People are Opting to Look Younger

    April 28, 2017

    Cosmetic surgery procedures have become very popular in India, people are more conscious about their looks and they are opting for different type of cosmetic procedures like liposuction, rhinoplasty, face-lift, hair transplantation and other procedures. For hair transplant in Delhi Dr. Surendra Chawla is a wise choice considering his experience in the field of cosmetic surgery for aesthetic appearance.

    Why is Cosmetic Surgery gaining Popularity in India?

    Now-a-days many people in India are choosing for cosmetic surgery to improve their physical appearance which can increase self-confidence of the person. Women are more concern about their beauty than men, in order to look young and feel good many women are choosing anti-ageing techniques such as cheek lift, facelift, chin surgery, wrinkle treatment, etc. Along with these they are also choosing breast enhancement, nose up-lifting, tummy tuck and liposuction. Moreover, many cosmetic surgeries are affordable, take less time, instant results and have less pain. The popular cosmetic surgery for men are hair transplant and Gynecomastia surgery.

    Top 5 Dermal Fillers Procedures

    Fillers are injected to replace the volume that has loosed during the process of aging. Now both men and women in India are opting for this process. Here are top 5 dermal fillers procedures for you.

    1. Lips

    To get natural and good looking lips, visit South Delhi cosmetic clinic for best cosmetic surgery in Delhi. They use dermal filler to correct the crinkled and thin lips. Lip fillers are minimally invasive and lifting the angles of the mouth.

    1. Forehead treatment

    Anti-aging treatment can reduce size or volume loss in your face. Temporal hollows are generally seen on the side of the eyes with empty spaces. By an easy aesthetic procedure, the facial expression can be enlaced.

    1. Crow’s feet

    Crow’s feet are nothing but fine lines and wrinkles which are radiating from your eyes. They are generally caused by smoking, sun exposure, sometimes it may get worse. Botox can work on these muscles and helps you to reduce crow’s feet. For facial wrinkle treatment and spot reduction opt for South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic.

    1. Non-surgical rhinoplasty

    Non-surgical rhinoplasty is best for people who are having poorly defined nasal tip, flattened nasal bridge. By non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure you can change the size of your nose to correct shape without undergoing any surgery.

    1. Smile correction

    There are few botox injections which are given to correct the smile.  These injections can prevent from upper lip raising very high when you smile.

    Steps involved in Dermal Filler Procedures

    There are mainly 7 steps involved in dermal filler procedures. Following are the steps.

    • Evaluation and assessment of the patient
    • Creating the points
    • Cleansing the skin
    • Administering anaesthesia
    • Dermal filler injections
    • Cleansing the skin
    • Icing the skin

    Why to choose hair- transplant and cosmetic procedures?

    In older days cosmetic surgery and hair transplant were opted for many accident cases, but now it is just not limited to accidental cases, actually they are being widely chosen by both genders in order to look young, beautiful and perfect. Hair transplantation or hair replacement can make men to look younger, attractive and good. Studies have shown that a man who’s has hair loss, balding looks much older and less attractive.

    For hair transplantation in Delhi choose South Delhi cosmetic clinic, where you can get the best hair loss treatment by Dr. Surendra Chawla. The cosmetic surgery prices in Delhi are affordable and recovery time is also very less. Because of these many people from different countries are coming to India for cosmetic surgeries, as they are much cheaper in India when compared to other places of the world.

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