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    Total Body Lift Importance and Procedure

    January 30, 2017

    Total body lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps in improving the shape and toning your underlying tissues that supports fat and skin. During this procedure excessive sagging fat and skin are removed from your body. Total body lift helps in improving the dimpled and irregular skin surface that is commonly referred as cellulite.

    Total body lift is required in case of frequent weight fluctuations, sun damage and pregnancy. There are many factors that contribute to the poor elasticity and can result in sagging appearance. Total body lift generally includes the following parts of your body that undergoes reshaping and toning:

    • Abdominal area
    • Buttocks
    • Groin
    • Thigh

    Total Body Lift Candidate

    The right candidate for total body lift includes:

    • Person with significant soft tissue looseness in one or more parts of the body
    • Healthy individual without any severe medical condition that increases the risk of surgery
    • Individual who do not smoke as it may impair the healing process
    • Individuals who are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle with nutritious diet

    Total Body Lift Procedure

    Total body lift procedure is a surgical procedure that requires extensive incisions. The length of incision and pattern depends completely on the location and amount of excess skin that need to be removed. Total body lift is a step wise surgical procedure that involves the following steps:

    • Anesthesia

    Anesthesia is usually given before the surgical to provide comfort and avoid pain. Your cosmetic surgeon will decide whether intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is suitable for you.

    • Incision

    A circumferential incision is usually made around your body to remove the excess skin and fat. This also helps in repositioning and tightening the tissues. In most of the cases a common technique is followed for complete lower body lift that will help in tightening the abdomen, groin, waist and buttock through one incision.

    Liposuction in combination with surgical total body lift will help you in achieving an improved contour.

    • Incision closing

    Deep sutures are made that will support the underlying tissues and will help you in achieving a perfect contour. Incisions are usually closed through sutures, adhesives, tapes or clips.

    Total Body Lift Surgery Results

    Total body lift surgery results are visible soon after the surgery. The final results and perfect contour will develop in 1- 2 years. In most of the cases the scars will remain visible after the surgery. The results are long lasting, provided that you follow a healthy diet and maintain a stable weight. As you grow older, the firmness will be lost to a certain extent.

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