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    January 11, 2017

    Facelift commonly called as rhytidectomy surgery is a surgical procedure that helps in improving the visible signs of ageing on your face and neck. Aging brings numerous changes on face. The common signs of ageing that needs a facelift treatment include:

    • Sagging appearance of the face
    • Deep creases that appear below your eyelids
    • Creases along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth
    • Loss of skin tone on the lower side of face
    • Loose skin and excess fatty deposits under your chin and jaw

    There are different factors that are responsible for aging and loss of youthful contours. Most common is loss of volume of various tissue with advancing age.  The common factors include: gravity, heredity, stress and environmental conditions. Other

    Facelift Procedure

    Before the facelift procedure, your cosmetic surgeon needs to carefully examine your face to determine which part needs to be treated to enhance your facial appearance. The common areas that are focused during the facelift treatment include: cosmetic surgeon needs

    • Jaw line
    • Jowls
    • Cheeks
    • Mid face
    • Forehead
    • Deeper facial tissues
    • Addition or removal of fats or soft tissues

    Incisions for face-lift surgery are made depending on the area of the face that is targeted for the treatment. After the incisions are made, undermining of your skin is performed and the deeper layers of sagging or lax tissues are lifted. Undermining is a technique that helps in separating the overlying skin of your face and neck from the muscles and tissues that are present deep in the skin. Undermining leads to loosening of facial and neck skin so that it can be redraped at the end.

    After the undermining is done, your cosmetic surgeon will raise your skin from the temples, cheeks and neck for repositioning the underlying connective tissues.  In case when excess fat or soft tissues are present, the excess fat and skin is removed.

    In few cases the facelift and neck lift surgery are performed in conjunction. When these procedures are performed together, your cosmetic surgeon will draw your neck muscles together and stitch them together at the midline to form a strong sling of muscles that will support your entire neck and jaw. Your cosmetic surgeon will decide whether liposuction is required for your neck and jowls. In most of the cases facial implants can also be used to increase your cheek and chin volume. Some surgeon also perform fat grafting for volume enhancement.

    Redraping is the final step during the facelift surgical treatment. The incisions are closed with sutures or small clips. Drainage tubes are also inserted where ever required.  Supportive dressing or padding is required in most of the cases.  You will experience a natural looking beautiful appearance with facelift surgical treatment.

    Benefits of Facelift Treatment

    The common benefits of facelift treatment include:

    • Facelift treatment can improve the appearance of different parts of your in only one surgery.
    • The results of facelift treatment last for up to ten years or more and can make you look younger.
    • Facelift treatment can recontour your neck and jaw line in a better way.
    • It is a safe surgical treatment with no side effects if done in safe hands.
    • Facelift surgery do not leave any prominently visible facelift scars post surgery

    Facelift surgery or facelift plastic surgery is performed under the supervision of efficient cosmetic surgeons. Facelift surgery is a common cosmetic surgery in Delhi. Cosmetic surgery prices in Delhi are reasonable and can be performed at competitive rates. Dr. Surender Chawla is the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi.

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