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    What to Expect during Thigh Lift Surgery

    December 9, 2016

    Thigh lift surgery is generally done to reshape your thighs by reducing the excess skin and fat. Thigh lift surgery usually results in smoother skin and better contour. Thigh lift surgery is used when the regular physical activities does not help in losing weight.

    Thigh lift Surgery Candidates

    In general people who can go for thigh lift surgery include:

    1. Persons with excess soft tissue along the inner and medial thigh region or outer thigh.
    2. Person with relatively stable weight
    3. Healthy person with no medical conditions that can increase the risk of surgery.
    4. Person who does not smoke.
    5. People who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness.

    Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure

    Thigh lift surgery is done in a step wise manner. The main steps during thigh lift procedure include:

    1. Anaesthesia Administration

    Usually local anaesthesia is administered before the surgery. Anaesthesia is administered through intravenous route. The concentration of anaesthesia administered depends on your medical condition and past medical history.

    1. Incision

    Patterns of incisions vary depending on the particular area that needs to be treated. The common place for incision is groin. The underlying tissue matrix is tightened and reshaped that results in a proportionate and smoother body contour. If you need to contour outer thigh then you need to extend the incision around the hip. Generally incisions are done in places where they can be hidden under clothing.

    1. Sealing or closing of Incision

    Deep support sutures are used within underlying tissues that will help the newly shaped contours. Sutures mainly help in closing the skin incisions.

    1. Monitor the Results

    The tightening of muscles is apparent almost immediately after the thigh lift surgery. Complete recovery takes several months. Scars will remain visible after the thigh lift surgery. Thigh lift surgery gives long lasting results in most of the cases.

    Thigh Lift Recovery

    Bandages are applied on the incisions during the recovery stage after thigh lift surgery.  Generally your doctor might wrap your thighs with an elastic bandage or a compression garment which will help in minimizing the swelling and can support the contour.

    Tiny, thin tubes are temporarily placed under the skin to drain excess of fluid or blood. Medication is generally given to minimize the infection. You need to take complete care of the surgical incisions during recovery and it should not be subjected to excessive force, swelling and motion during the time of healing.

    Thigh Lift Surgery Benefits

    The common benefits of thigh lift surgery include:

    • Decreased risk of infection or skin irritation from chafing folds of skin
    • Long lasting results
    • Weight loss as the excess heavy skin is removed
    • Improved overall quality of life
    • Younger appearance due to weight loss caused during surgery

    Thigh reduction surgery is a commonly used cosmetic surgery in Delhi for removing excess skin. The cosmetic procedure in Delhi is very common and is used to improve your physical appearance. The cosmetic surgeons in Delhi are trained for these kinds of surgeries.

    Dr. Surender Chawla is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who can efficiently perform thigh lift surgery and give positive results.  To know the cosmetic surgery price in Delhi or specifically thigh lift surgery cost, you can contact South Delhi Cosmetic clinic for better results.

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