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Hair Transplantation in Young Patients

March 3, 2017

Hair loss is a common problem in men and women, but rarely seen in young men. The common cause of hair loss in young generation is stress which needs to be taken very seriously. Stress not only leads to hair loss but can also hamper the growth of your hair and other related problems. Hair transplantation is one of the best treatments used to cure hair loss.

Candidacy for a Hair Transplant

For surgical hair transplant, a person must meet the basic criteria that can make him eligible for the treatment. It is an elective procedure used for hair replacement and hair re-growth.

Criteria to have surgical hair restoration/hair transplantation

The following points must be considered when planning for any hair transplantation or hair restoration treatment:

  1. Sufficient hair loss must be there that can affect the aesthetic appearance of an individual
  2. Adequate amount of donor’s hair that can satisfy the current needs
  3. Diagnosis is required for androgenic alopecia or any other hair loss treatment that is amenable to hair transplantation.
  4. Try to know the detailed medical therapy involved in hair restoration. Take adequate time to see the response for a year
  5. Realistic expectations from a hair restoration treatment

The above-mentioned criteria will help in determining their candidacy for hair transplant surgery. The criteria to determine the candidacy in both men and women is a complicated matter.

Hair transplantation in Young Patients

Young people experience a hair loss needs an instant solution for the present and future balding. Hair transplantation generally takes time and cannot be cured in a single hair transplant method. Your cosmetic surgeon needs to examine your hair and the pattern of baldness to cure hair loss.

Young patients expect to restore their old density back in one sitting. The cosmetic surgeons should not perform hair transplant in patients younger than 25 years of age for the following reasons:

  1. In young patients, it is difficult for your physician to determine the boundaries of the permanent zone of hair. The permanent zone that looks stable in the twenties can have a vastly different appearance over time.
  2. It is very difficult to determine whether the donor area will be stable over time in young patients.
  3. The earlier the hair loss begins, the more likely you will face baldness. However, it is difficult to identify the donor and recipient sites in young age.
  4. When the patient is young, the expectation may be too high when respect to the hair density. It is recommended to be patient with the results when you have had surgical hair transplantation.
  5. Young people will find it difficult to decide how that wants to wear their hair in future. Hair transplantation generally results in scarring that may cause them to wear the hair short.

For hair loss treatment in young patients, it is better to consult a specialist before going for any surgical treatment. Hair transplantation in Delhi is very common, but it is not recommended for people in their twenties. You can contact Dr. Surender Chawla for a successful surgical hair transplant in Delhi.

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