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Male Breast reduction surgery (Gynaecomastia)

man-chestWhat is Gynecomastia or Man Boob/Male Breast?

Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement or prominent male breasts is a quite common condition in men. Gynaecomastia Surgery in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic is one of the most common Cosmetic Procedure for Men.  It is commonly known as male boobs. Most of the time it occurs in young males however it can also occur in middle aged and older person.


When breast size increase >4.0 cm in size it is considered as a case of Gynaecomastia or Male breast. It brings in lot of embarrassment, mental and social trauma and cosmetic problem to a person. Most of them try to hide it with loose shirts and withdraw from public exposure. Few of them avoid bare chest activities like swimming and boxing. Some person do lot of work-out to make chest muscle bulkie rand believe that gymming will remove or burn the deposited fat. 


Causes of Gynaecomastia

Most of the time Gynaecomastia is caused by unknown reason. Mostly man attending South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic are in their age of twenties.It commences nearly at age of 13-14 yrs. At this age hormonal increase in body not change body shape but also bring some changes in breast tissue. Most of man feel some changes in their breast. In 30-40% cases these changes cause enlargement .4.0 cm in size and it does not reduce even after couple of years.

But in few cases it may be caused by reduced functioning of male hormone producing glands, certain hormone producing tumour of testes and Adrenal gland , chronic liver disease, hormonal therapy and various drugs.In obese man excess fatty tissue affect the male hormone level in body and it leads to enlargement of breast tissue

Composition or Structure of male breast

Composition of male breast is different depending upon the age of evolution of gynaecomastia. It may have enlarged breast gland, collection of fatty tissue, fatty tissue with excess skin or combination of all.

At the age of Puberty most of it is formed by enlarged breast gland and fat deposit also.It feels firm on palpation.In elderly male or man of age above 40 years most of breast is formed by fatty deposit. It is soft on palpation  Solution depends on how much gland, fat, and extra skin are present. With the anatomic problem defined or depending upon the consistency of gynaecomastia, our best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Surendra Chawla,  can outline a surgical approach as gynecomastia treatment in Delhi which  best suit your needs.

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Gynaecomastia treatment in Delhi – Consultation with Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi

South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic is one of the most renowned clinic for Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi ( Gynaecomastia Surgery in Delhi ). At our renowned Cosmetic Surgery Centre of Delhi, we discuss in detail about the problem and educate our patients very seriously. Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, not only assess the severity ( Grade ) , Size , extent and composition of gynaecomastia but also try to find out any particular causing the problem. After clinical examination and investigation, our surgeons offer you a customized plan of your Cosmetic Surgery in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic,  to maximize each patient’s result. It gives you great comfort and help in your faster recovery.


Like any other Cosmetic Surgery,  before performing Gynecomastia treatment in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic,  our Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi completely evaluate the person. We assure that person is healthy, emotionally stable men of any age and understand the Cosmetic procedure. The best candidates for surgery have firm, elastic skin so that it can reshape to the body’s new contours. Obese person with loose extra skin, smokers and with associated medical problems are not ideal candidate.

Gynaecomastia Surgery in Delhi – Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi – South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic 

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi or Gynaecomastia Surgery in Delhi is very rewarding and it not only improve the chest appearance significantly but also help in regaining self-confidence. Removing the excess breast tissue and sculpting the chest wall is a combination of science and art. If person is planning for this Cosmetic Surgery in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, he should have realistic expectation with this procedure. Most patients who undergo this procedure however, are completely satisfied with their results. Those who have unrealistic expectation are always dissatisfied.

Male Breast reduction Surgery is performed by our qualified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, Dr S.K.Chawla Senior Consultant of Fortis hospital . Our best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi have  vast experience in sculpting male breasts for many years. We not only treat the male breast but also sculpt the chest wall so that it appears muscular and carved after surgery.


In South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, Gynecomastia treatment, we prefer to wait for few years in  adolescent people, before doing any surgical treatment,  because for people of this age it gets resolved spontaneously. However if it is a cause of major psychological trauma we consider them for Gynaecomastia Surgery even at early age. In most of cases we prefer to do after 18 year of age.

What We Do In most of young persons Male Breast or Gynaecomastia consists of Breast Gland and Fat deposits .Depending upon the type and severity of gynaecomastia. Gynaecomastia Surgery in Delhi for Male Breast reduction is done by :-


  1. Surgical excision or removal of the breast tissue only. This is done in those cases who have only enlarged breast gland and fatty deposit is minimal
  2. Liposuction assisted Breast gland excision: Liposuction procedure in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, is also done  for reduction of the fatty- tissue of chest. it is done through a small puncture of 3-4 mm size .This is not visible after couple of weeks of Liposuction Surgery in Delhi. After Liposuction in Delhi through a small cut near areola  excision of breast tissue is done. This cut is given in such a manner that nobody can notice it after some time .
  3. Less commonly in very severe cases of gynaecomastia who have sagging breast and lax skin, besides fat and chest gland removal, excess and laxity of skin needs to be addressed .


Now a days we do VASER assisted Liposuction in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic for gynaecomastia and it gives amazing results at the most affordable Male Breast reduction Cost in Delhi.


Scar: Usually a small incision is made around the lower half of the nipple areola complex, this eventually heals well and fades over several months. It is not noticeable after few months of surgery. If there is loose and excess skin then scar can be bigger and it improves with time.


Depending upon the severity of the gynaecomastia it is performed either under local anaesthesia (making only chest wall numb) or under general anaesthesia (complete sedation).At South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic we perform Gynecomastia Surgery by making chest area numb but it is possible in only less severe cases . In gynaecomastia of Grade 3 or Grade 4 general anaesthesia is preferable.

Complication or side Effects

Nevertheless, as with any surgery, there are certain minor risks associated with gynaecomastia surgery like Swelling,  Bluish discoloration of skin asymmetry, infection,  bleeding, reaction to anaesthesia, and blood collection. All these are temporary and improve with time in couple of days. The temporarily loss of breast sensation or numbness may occur up to a year.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi- Aftercare 

Dressing: After male breast reduction although we remove all the dressings after four days. stitches ( if present) are removed after one week but we suggest that internal healing continue for almost three to six months depending of the severity of gynaecomastia


Activity: After surgery you are not supposed to take bed rest.  Person can perform his routine activity after few days. Weight lifting, Jogging  and heavy  exercise should be avoided for at least two months.You are advised to take bath after 4 days.


Compression Garment We also advise special compression garment after Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi or Male Breast reduction Surgery in Delhi, to improve the healing and get maximum result. You are advise to wear these garments for 6-8 weeks. It helps in shaping of your chest and minimise pain and swelling.


Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi or Male Breast reduction Surgery in Delhi is best solution for  Gynecomastia treatment in South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic. It is done by expert Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi , Dr. S K Chawla, at best Gynaecomastia Surgery cost in Delhi.  Book an appointment now! Contact us 8860906117.

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