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    Do You Want to Improve Your Face Shape ?

    May 19, 2018

    Do You Want To Improve Your Face Shape or Facial  Features?

    Are you not happy with your face shape of facial features?

    All these questions are addressed by facial plastic surgery treatment in Delhi.

    Face Contour enhancement is becoming a popular plastic surgeries these days. facial contouring help in improving face shape in both man and woman.

    Face reshaping is done modifying forehead, cheek and lower jaw.

    Who is The Best Candidate of Face shape improvement?

    Those who are

    -not happy with the face shape.

    -have small  or very large chin.

    -having Inadequate cheekbone prominence.

    -have overly prominent or depressed forehead.

    -unequal or irregular face shape.

    Causes of Face Shape Imbalance

    Inadequate face shape may be due to inadequate development, injury or accident, aging or face surgery

    Asymmetry of face is not acceptable for anybody

    Facial contouring in Delhi or face shape change in Delhi is either by increasing or decreasing the volume of bone and soft tissue

    Bone volume is improved by face implants made of medpore or silicone .These implants are inserted over bone of face through a small cut. These cuts are in hidden area so it is not visible.

    Soft Tissue volume can be reduced or increased by liposuction Treatment in Delhi and fat grafting in Delhi.

    After surgery healing takes 2-3 weeks. Main complication after surgery is infection for which your plastic surgeon takes adequate precautions.

    Cost of face reshaping depends upon type of surgery, implants, anaesthesia etc

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