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    Gynecomastia Treatment and Surgery for Male Breast Reduction

    August 25, 2016

    Enlarged breast is a common problem seen in men. It is due to the accumulation of fats in the breast tissues. Breast tissues swell due to presence of more amount of fat content in it. Gynecomastia is the other name for enlarged breast in men. One or both the breast can get affected with gynecomastia. The main cause of breast enlargement is due to the hormonal changes in men. The hormone estrogen is responsible for breast enlargement. Estrogen is present in both men and women that can cause enlargement in breast.

    Breast enlargement is for a small period of time. It comes back to its normal size in a short span. Only in few rare cases it last longer, and in such cases treatment is required to reduce the breast size. Newborn babies may also have gynecomastia wherein the hormone gets transferred from mother to the baby. The hormone stays in the blood after birth and leads to enlargement of breast. Older men and middle-aged men can also have gynecomastia. This condition may be due to aging or due to certain medicines like antibiotics and anti-anxiety drugs.

    Breast can also get enlarged due to obesity and it can be treated with exercise and diet. Diet and exercise have beneficial effect on the body. Most of the people with stress and hormonal imbalance experience large breast or gynecomastia condition.

    Gynecomastia surgery is required for male breast reduction. Gynecomastia Surgery is generally done in cosmetic clinics. Generally people with boobs feel embarrassed and wish to get rid of man boobs with the help of Gynecomastia Surgery. The Breast Reduction Surgery helps in giving a perfect shape to your chest.

    Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction Surgery

    Male breast reduction surgery is the most effective treatment used to treat gynecomastia. This surgical procedure removes excess of fat content present in tissues. It also removes the glandular tissue that gives a flatter and masculine look to the chest.

    Liposuction technique can be used to remove the skin and breast muscles. Gynecomastia surgery is one of the best treatments for breast size reduction. Breast reduction surgeries can be done after the person crosses the age of puberty as in the young age, there will be many hormonal changes taking place in the body.

    Liposuction surgery does not involve much risk if the patient is healthy and have healthy habits. The main benefit of gynecomastia surgery is that the semi permanent removal of the excess of tissues. The other benefit is that the person undergoing surgery can decide the size and dimension of the cup that suits your body posture.

    The main drawback of gynecomastia surgery is that it is not preferred for younger men as they have not crossed the stage of puberty. During the puberty stages there are hormonal changes that take place in your body. The hormonal shifts can leads to changes in the shape of your body.

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