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    How Laser Treatment Helps in Birthmark Removal

    December 17, 2016

    Birthmarks are those skin blemishes that are present at the time of birth or those marks that appears soon after the birth. Birthmarks generally appear red or brown in colour and are represented by an overgrowth of a superficial blood vessels or pigment cells in most of the cases.

    Type of Lesions or Birthmarks

    The removal of birthmark depends on the type of lesions that appears on your skin. The common lesions or birthmarks that appear on your skin are:

    1. Port wine stain birthmark

    Port wine stain birthmarks are flat red marks that are seen at the time of birth and will not disappear over time. In few cases these birthmarks can become more unsightly with age. Laser therapy is used to treat port wine stain birthmarks.

    Pulse dye laser is a type of laser treatment used to remove this kind of birthmark lesions. Pulsed dye laser treatment uses a concentrated beam of light that targets the blood vessels in your skin. Laser light is converted into heat that can destroy the blood vessels and cause no harm to the surrounding skin and leaves the skin undamaged.

    1. Haemangioma or Strawberry Birthmark

    Haemangioma are also called as strawberry birthmarks that do not appear immediately at the time of birth but, appears in the first few weeks of birth. Strawberry birthmarks often grow and become thick. In rare cases these strawberry marks ulcerate and can lead to complications.

    Haemangioma generally disappear by 10 years of age but can lead to developmental and social problems in the initial days. Laser treatment can be done on flat lesions and early diagnosis of this kind of lesions helps in early removal.

    In few rare cases haemangioma appears on an eyelid, nose, and lips or extensively over the face. In such cases when the strawberry birthmarks are present on the face, immediate medical intervention is required. Oral or topical beta blocker medications can also be used during the treatment. Laser therapy can be used when the birthmarks are still flat and can be removed under the supervision of laser dermatologists.

    1. Spider Naevi

    Spider naevi are small red spots that usually appear in young children. Spider naevi is generally caused due to dilation of a small arteriole present close to the skin. Spider naevi can easily be removed with laser treatment. Pulsed dye laser treatment is generally preferred while removing spider naevi.

    1. Brown Birthmark

    Brown birthmarks are usually seen at the time of birth while others appear after few weeks. Brown birthmarks are caused due to proliferation of melanocyte cells in your skin or an increase production of melanin in your skin. To remove brown birthmarks Q-switched laser treatment is used. Q-switched laser treatment makes use of laser energy pulse that releases a pigment into your skin so that it can be naturally reabsorbed and disposed of by your body. Q-switched laser treatment also helps in removing sun freckles and tattoos.

    Birthmark removal is possible through laser treatment. Laser birthmark removal is one of the common cosmetic procedures in Delhi. Birthmark removal surgery is required in few rare cases. Cosmetic surgeons in Delhi can perform these birthmark removal surgeries efficiently in less time. Dr. Surender Chawla is the best cosmetic surgeon in Delhi who can treat birthmarks. Mole removal cost in Delhi is reasonable at South Delhi cosmetic clinic.

    The cosmetic surgery prices in Delhi are affordable and the treatment is performed at competitive rates. If you or your baby is having birthmarks, get it diagnosed for early removal and treatment through laser therapy.

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