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    Misconceptions Regarding Gynecomastia Surgery

    May 6, 2017

    Some men develop puffy nipples and enlarged breasts this condition is known as gynecomastia. Gynecomastia generally occurs in puberty due to hormone imbalance, testosterone and high estrogen levels can lead to the growth of glandular breast tissue. Sometimes, it is little embarrassing and many men avoid to discuss about this condition; many questions of gynecomastia can direct you to misunderstanding and myths about gynecomastia surgery. Let’s debunk some misconceptions and myths and know the truth about gynecomastia.

    5 Myths about Male Breast Reduction Surgery

    Once the breast tissue develops in men, there are less chances to become normal. So, many men opt for gynecomastia treatment in their early 20’s. The diet and exercise will not help you to get rid of increased breast, but it becomes worse as the muscle tones and excess fat is shed. A small myth can lead to terrible consequences. Unluckily, the market has long lists of wrong information which will make you ignorant and challenge your safety. Here 5 common myths and misconceptions that you might have encounter let’s bust the truth.

    Myth #1: Gynecomastia surgery is painful and the recovery is long

    The pain generally depends on the extent of surgery; it can vary from least to moderate, it just takes few days or weeks to reduce the pain completely. However, some do not have pain and can easily return to regular lifestyle activities within few days. Recovery time varies from person to person. After surgery you should not expose to direct sun for at least six months to prevent skin pigmentation. You should stay away from few physical activities such as pulling, pushing, lifting, etc. for at least 6 months.

    Myth #2: Treating Gynecomastia is difficult

    You don’t have to suffer lifelong with gynecomastia, because it is treatable. Now-a- days many cosmetic surgeries are becoming popular and many people are opting for new procedures. If you cannot able to reverence gynecomastia with diet and exercise visit South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic, they offer you the best male breast reduction Surgery in Delhi, and the good news is male breast reduction cost is affordable at SOUTH DELHI COSMETIC CLINIC.

    Myth #3: You cannot work for months after surgery

    Soon after recovery from pain, you can do all your daily physical activities by yourself. There are many people who visit gym and start chest workout and shape their chest after 10 days.

    Myth #4:  Gynecomastia Is Always Caused by Genetics

    Change in the hormones of testosterone and estrogens levels can lead to gynecomastia.  Apart from this, there are also many causes of gynecomastia which includes medications, alcohol, drugs, herbal products, weight gain and some medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, kidney diseases, etc.

    Myth #5: Gynecomastia is not so common

    Gynecomastia is a very common condition; it can affect most of the men at some or other point during their lifetime. During puberty, almost 70% of boys can develop gynecomastia. It is also common in infancy, middle age and older age.

    Many people go for liposuction or other surgical and non surgical excision to remove the excess tissue from the body. Cosmetic surgeries will help you to treat many conditions, if you are in a need of professional cosmetic surgeon who can provide you best gynecomastia treatment and then you need to visit SOUTH DELHI COSMETIC CLINIC; it is a truly reliable clinic for various cosmetic procedures in Delhi. Gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi is affordable and SOUTH DELHI COSMETIC CLINIC is famous because of best results we provide.

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