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    Cosmetic Surgery Recovery: Post Skin Resurfacing Treatments

    March 10, 2017

    Cosmetic surgeries are common all around the globe and it requires a set recovery period so that to achieve the desired look and aesthetic appearance. You need to take complete care of yourself after the surgical treatment to get the desired results. Special care helps in recovering faster and achieving the best results. Skin rejuvenation treatments and skin resurfacing procedures are one of the common treatments in cosmetic surgery.

    Common Cosmetic Surgical Treatments

    Cosmetic surgical treatments are classified into different types based on the part it is done. The common surgical cosmetic procedures that leave you with an intact skin include the following:

    1. Microdermabrasion
    2. Laser skin resurfacing
    3. Mild chemical peel
    4. Botox

    The cosmetic procedures that can cause open wounds or broken skin include the following:

    1. Deep chemical peel
    2. Laser resurfacing treatments
    3. Facelift or eyelift
    4. Rhinoplasty

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