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    Cosmetic Procedures, Birthmarks, and Other Abnormal Skin Pigmentation

    January 10, 2017

    Skin is the largest organ in your body that gets exposed to sun and all harmful organisms in the environment. On your skin you will find different types of birthmarks and pigments.  Birthmarks are the marks, spots or bumps that are present at the time of birth on your skin.

    Birthmarks are categorized according to their composition. Birthmarks generally appear on your skin due to excessive accumulation of melanin. These birthmarks are referred as pigmented birthmarks as majority of them appear brown or black in color. Other birthmarks that lack melanin appear lighter in color. Birthmarks are usually non cancerous and do not lead to any major health issue.

    Cause of Birthmarks

    There are no specific factors that are responsible for birthmarks appearance on your skin. Most of the birthmarks appear due to defective migration of cells during the development of the fetus. Certain tissues are produced, once the cells start multiplying irrespective of the location where they need to be located or they multiply in abnormal and irregular manner. This kind of cell growth generally leads to birthmarks and pigmented spots.

     Types of Birthmarks

    Birthmarks are classified into different types based on their appearance and composition. The most common types of birthmarks include:

    Pigmented Birthmarks

    Skin pigmentation is common in most of the children. The common types include:

    • Moles

    Moles are generally small, round and dark in appearance. All moles are not considered as birthmarks as they vary in appearance. The moles can either be pink or skin colored and mostly black in color. Few moles are smooth whereas, others are raised above your skin as slight bump.

    Few moles disappear with time and as you age you will see more moles appearing on your skin. In very rare cases you will experience itching sensation or it may bleed. In such cases you need to immediately consult doctor to rule out any cancerous grouth because 1% of congenital mole may develop cancer.

    • Café-au-lait spot

    These spots get its name from French word which means “coffee with milk”. The name is given based on the color of these spots because they generally appear light brown in color. These spots are clearly visible on lighter skin tone people. These spots can either be small or big and often oval shaped. These spots fade as you grow older, but not completely.

    • Mongolian spots

    These spots appear gray-blue in color and mostly appear on the back. Initially they appear like bruises and fade away in few days. In few cases these spots remain for life time or become lighter with age.

    • D Nevus

    They are of black blue in appearance. It can develop at any site. They vary in size from few inches to feet. Many of them called as black hairy nevus have thick black hairs. They are at risk of developing cancer in future.

    Vascular Birthmarks

    Vascular birthmarks appear on your skin when certain blood vessels clump together under your skin. One in ten babies will have vascular birthmark on any part of your body. Vascular birthmarks are classified into the following:


    • Salmon patches

    Salmon patches get its name due to their color which resembles salmon. These patches will be either pink or red in color and can appear either on your face or any part of your body. In most of the cases these patches fade away with age without any treatment or surgery.


    • Hemangioma

    These pigmented birthmarks are usually harmless and do not cause any major complications.  Hemangioma are of two types one that appears on the top of your skin surface and other deep inside your skin. The spots that appear on the top of your skin are referred as strawberry hemangiomas as they appear bright red in color.

    Deep hemangioma appears bluish-purple in color and can make your skin swell and bulge. This kind of hemagiomas is seen soon after the birth. These type of hemangioma may or may not decrease in size


    • Port wine stain

    These pigmented spots generally appear on your face and are similar to wine or grape juice color. These kinds of spots generally do not fade with age but gradually increases in size as the child grows older.

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