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    Cosmetic Procedures, Birthmarks, and Other Abnormal Skin Pigmentation

    January 10, 2017

    Skin is the largest organ in your body that gets exposed to sun and all harmful organisms in the environment. On your skin you will find different types of birthmarks and pigments.  Birthmarks are the marks, spots or bumps that are present at the time of birth on your skin. Birthmarks are categorized according to their composition. Birthmarks generally appear on your skin due to excessive accumulation of melanin. These birthmarks are referred as pigmented birthmarks as majority of them appear brown or black in color. Other birthmarks that lack melanin appear lighter in color. Birthmarks are usually non cancerous and do not lead to any major health issue.

    Cause of Birthmarks

    There are no specific factors that are responsible for birthmarks appearance on your skin. Most of the birthmarks appear due to defective migration of cells during the development of the fetus. Certain tissues are produced, once the cells start multiplying irrespective of the location where they need to be located or they multiply in abnormal and irregular manner. This kind of cell growth generally leads to birthmarks and pigmented spots.

     Types of Birthmarks

    Birthmarks are classified into different types based on their appearance and composition. The most common types of birthmarks include:

    Pigmented Birthmarks


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