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    Reconstructive Surgery to Restore Physical Deformities and Abnormalities

    April 13, 2017

    Reconstructive surgeries are playing a key role in restoring the physical deformities. This kind of surgeries is the mainstay of a plastic surgeon’s work. Although plastic surgery is confused with the term cosmetic surgery and this thought process may tend to limit their understanding to this branch of discipline.  Cosmetic surgery procedures enhance appearance through surgical and medical techniques.

    What is Reconstructive Surgery?

    Reconstructive surgeries are used to treat a wide range of conditions from head to toe in all age groups. Reconstructive surgeries are is mainly about repairing and reshaping the bodily structures that have birth defects. By using different techniques of reconstructive surgeries, the plastic surgeon’s main role is to mend and repair the damage primarily through transferring the tissues from one part of the body to another. The main aim of such kind of reconstructive surgeries is to restore the function of an affected body part to normal. Breast reconstruction is one such surgery.

    What Problems and conditions are treated with Reconstructive Surgery?

    Reconstructive surgeries can be categorized into two sections based on the problems and condition

    April 6, 2017

    Aging signs such as wrinkles and other facial changes are the common problem faced by women. Aging symptoms are seen in both men and women.  Signs of aging are more visible in women when compared to men. Cosmetic surgeries like anti-aging treatment are usually done to treat aging signs. The minimally invasive surgeries are generally preferred in case of cosmetic treatment. During the non-invasive cosmetic surgery, certain specially designed surgical tools are used. Small incisions are made during the surgery that can help in easy recovery.

    Types of Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

    Non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries generally involve the use of new technologies such as laser that makes the treatment more affordable and accessible. The non-invasive techniques are mainly used to treat crow’s feet and forehead furrows. The common non-invasive cosmetic surgeries used for anti-aging treatment include the following:

    1. Botox

    Botox helps in producing smoother-looking brow. A purified protein derived from a botulinum toxin is injected directly into the muscles. Botox is generally effective on moderate and severe creases, but cannot be considered as a permanent solution for wrinkles and fine lines.

    March 30, 2017

    A traumatic injury or a disease condition can sometimes affect a particular part of your body and cause severe damage. To repair such body parts, a reconstructive surgery is required. A reconstructive surgery can help in restoring the form and function of your body. The aesthetic appearance of your body can be restored with the reconstructive surgery.

    General Types of Reconstructive Surgeries

    The type of reconstructive surgeries differs based on the part of your body that needs improvement. The common reconstructive surgeries include the following:

    1. Breast reconstruction or Breast reduction

    Breast reconstruction surgery or breast reduction surgeries are generally used for women who have abnormally large breasts that can cause back problems or other health issues. This surgery can also be done to for women who have recently undergone a mastectomy. Mastectomy is a type of surgery that involves the removal of the whole breast. Mastectomy can be of two types: simple or total.

    1. Surgeries for feet and hand

    This kind of surgery is generally done for people suffering from cancer o

    December 21, 2016

    Chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure that is used to improve the skin’s appearance. During this treatment a chemical solution is applied on your skin that makes it blister and eventually gets peeled off. The skin after chemical peel treatment is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. As you become older, the dead skin cells do not slough off easily as it used to when you were young. It eventually makes your skin appears dull. Chemical peel helps in improving the evenness of colour and texture of your skin that creates a youthful look and restores radiant appearance of your skin.

    Candidates for Chemical Peel

    Chemical peel is considered in the following cases:

    • When you have sun-damaged skin
    • When you have facial wrinkles that are clearly on your face
    • When you are having an uneven skin colour
    • When you having blotchiness, sunspots and brown spots
    • When you having scars that makes your skin surface look uneven
    • When certain precancerous skin growth appears on your skin

    Types of Chemical Peel

    There are three different types of chemical peels that are used based on your skin condition. They are:

    1. Light chemical peel
    2. Medium chemical peel
    3. Deep chemical peel

    Chemical Peel Procedure

    Generally a chemical solution is applied on your entire face or j

    December 19, 2016

    Neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that can enhance the appearance of your neck. Neck lift helps in tightening your skin and underlying muscles. Neck lift treatment can improve the contour of the jaw line. Neck lift treatment can be performed in combination with liposuction, face lift and cheek lift. In few cases neck lift treatment can also be a stand-alone procedure that can be used to improve your features.

    Candidate for Neck Lift

    Neck lift treatment is considered in the following conditions:

    • When you have a turkey wattle that will make you look much older than your age
    • When your neck is too fat
    • In case where the distinct jaw line is lost
    • When you have excess skin and wrinkles on your neck.
    • When your neck has developed folds and lines

    Neck Lift Procedure

    Liposuction is generally considered in case when minimal contouring is required. Neck lift is a step wise procedure that involves the following steps:

    1. Initially incisions are made under your chin or behind your ears depending on the procedure that you have chosen for treatment.
    2. Patysma muscle is tightened and sewn together as the shoelaces are clinched.
    3. Excess skin and fat present in your neck region is carefully trimmed during t

    December 17, 2016

    Birthmarks are those skin blemishes that are present at the time of birth or those marks that appears soon after the birth. Birthmarks generally appear red or brown in colour and are represented by an overgrowth of a superficial blood vessels or pigment cells in most of the cases.

    Type of Lesions or Birthmarks

    The removal of birthmark depends on the type of lesions that appears on your skin. The common lesions or birthmarks that appear on your skin are:

    1. Port wine stain birthmark

    Port wine stain birthmarks are flat red marks that are seen at the time of birth and will not disappear over time. In few cases these birthmarks can become more unsightly with age. Laser therapy is used to treat port wine stain birthmarks. Pulse dye laser is a type of laser treatment used to remove this kind of birthmark lesions. Pulsed dye laser treatment uses a concentrated beam of light that targets the blood vessels in your skin. Laser light is converted into heat that can destroy the blood vessels and cause no harm to the surrounding skin and leaves the skin undamaged.

    1. Haemangioma or Strawberry Birthmark

    Haemangioma are also called as strawberry birthmarks that do not appear immediately at the time of birth but, appears in the first f

    December 13, 2016

    Laser resurfacing is commonly used to treat facial wrinkles, acne treatment and skin irregularities. During this procedure pulsating beam of light is exposed to the irregular skin surface, which results in removing the skin layer by layer. This procedure of skin layers through laser is referred to lasabrasion, laser vaporization or laser peel.

    Candidates for Laser Resurfacing

    If you are having fine lines or wrinkles on your face then you must go for laser skin resurfacing treatment. Fine lines or wrinkles are generally observed around your eyes, mouth or on your forehead which can be treated with the help of laser peel. In few cases the non responsive skin resulting after a facelift surgery  can also be removed through laser skin resurfacing. Apart from wrinkles, acne and dark skin can also be treated with laser skin resurfacing. Laser resurfacing is not suitable for stretch

    December 9, 2016

    Thigh lift surgery is generally done to reshape your thighs by reducing the excess skin and fat. Thigh lift surgery usually results in smoother skin and better contour. Thigh lift surgery is used when the regular physical activities does not help in losing weight.

    Thigh lift Surgery Candidates

    In general people who can go for thigh lift surgery include:

    1. Persons with excess soft tissue along the inner and medial thigh region or outer thigh.
    2. Person with relatively stable weight
    3. Healthy person with no medical conditions that can increase the risk of surgery.
    4. Person who does not smoke.
    5. People who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness.

    Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure

    Thigh lift surgery is done in a step wise manner. The main steps during thigh lift procedure include:

    1. Anaesthesia Administration

    Usually local anaesthesia is administered before the surgery. Anaesthesia is administered through intravenous route. The concentration of anaesthesia administered depends on your medical condition and past medical history.

    1. Incision

    Patterns of incisions vary depending on the particular area that needs to be treated.

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