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    How Much Should be The Hair Transplant Cost?

    February 23, 2018

    Hair Transplant

    The most commonly asked question both offline and online by those who want to go for  hair transplant treatment is about the cost. Most of our clients decide their surgery by cost. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine the cost before examining the patients.

    Hair transplant cost is determined by many factors such as:

    Stage  or severity of hair loss the person is experiencing, the experience of doctor he is opting for and which method of hair transplant he is choosing.

    Someone who has is more bald or has more advanced stages would pay a higher cost for hair transplant surgery. They require more grafts and multiple session of hair transplant. Some clinics charge per follicular graft or some offer a package. A person  who has recession of hair line only they  would likely have to pay less for the surgery because they would require less number of graft to cover.

    Second Factor that determines hair transplant cost is the experience and qualifications of the hair transplant surgeon. A hair transplant surgeon who has been practicing for several years and consistently giving the good result will charge higher cost as compared to a new surgeon. An experienced surgeon always has an upper edge in dealing with different types of cases with good results and minimal side effects.

    The Third Factor of Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi is the technique used by the surgeon. For example, the Latest Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique typically costs more in comparison to FUT technique. In FUE individual graft is extracted from the donor area by hair transplant doctor and later on transplanted to the bald recipient area. This extraction process is highly skilled process and requires special training. Every individual has different hair pattern so everyone require special attention by doctor otherwise your roots get damaged during extraction and you loss your valuable hair roots.

    In some clinics extraction job is done by technician only and doctor just supervise your surgery , these clinic usually perform hair transplant at low cost. One should be very careful in choosing such clinics because at the end results are important not the cost.

    one should also be very careful about the safety measures at clinic and qualification and experience of doctor in dealing with any problem. It has been reported that many under qualified doctor has developed complications while performing surgeries. You must ensure that person who is performing your hair transplant has degree of surgery.

    The best way to determine the Hair Transplant cost in Delhi  is that you go to the clinics, do some research about doctor and clinic, consult with doctor and discuss about your problem and expectation with surgery. Ask various questions like are you a right candidate, how many graft, how many sessions, which procedure, which donor area. You must get honest advice from the hair transplant surgeon.

    Last question should be the cost of hair transplant because it is least important than your safety and good surgery without any complication.

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