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Non Surgical Hair Transplant- what you must know.

July 4, 2020

Non Surgical Hair Transplant- True or False

non surgical hair transplant

Non surgical hair transplant- is it a real term?

Recently an article for the treatment of hair loss was published in Hindustan times brand post .

“How celebrity turned entrepreneur Alka Verma is bringing back confidence with non surgical hair transplant”.

How can hair transplant be non surgical?

Truth behind non Surgical hair transplant-

When you go through full article, you will come to know that it is nothing but a non surgical hair replacement technique. But it is being named and marketed as non surgical transplant.

What in real sense Alka verma offering is a hair patch made of natural hairs

February 23, 2018

Hair Transplant

The most commonly asked question both offline and online by those who want to go for  hair transplant treatment is about the cost. Most of our clients decide their surgery by cost. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine the cost before examining the patients.

Hair transplant cost is determined by many factors such as:

Stage  or severity of hair loss the person is experiencing, the experience of doctor he is opting for and which method of hair transplant he is choosing.

Someone who has is more bald or has more advanced stages would pay a higher cost for hair transplant surgery. They require more grafts and multiple session of hair transplant. Some clinics charge per follicular graft or some offer a package. A p

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